What kind of city do you want to live in?


I want a city where ALL of our residents have the opportunity to be involved in the political decisions that affect their daily lives.


Consider this:

  • Voter turnout for municipal elections averages a poor 40%
  • City councillors can be elected with less than 20% of the vote. Taken with the above number, that means a mere 8% of people in a given ward may be electing their local councillor.
  • Our city council has neither ethnic nor gender diversity, and does not reflect the incredible range of people we have in Toronto.


These are not signs of a healthy democracy. For Toronto’s government to genuinely address the needs of all residents, it must be both truly representative, and accessible to all who wish to participate in how our great city is run. We can do so much more to open the doors to City Hall, and to spread the ways to get engaged far beyond the downtown core. People can and should participate in how city money is spent in their communities, and how their communities are designed.


Our people are our greatest asset, and together we can create the city that represents us all!