What kind of city do you want to live in?


I want a city where my children can choose to stay in Toronto when they grow up, not be forced to move out of the city because they can’t afford a place to live.


I want a city where people don’t die on our streets, don’t live in under highway underpasses or in our ravines, don’t suffer in overcrowded and dangerous shelters.


And I want a city where we strengthen our neighbourhoods with great buildings, that affirm, not destroy the character of our communities.


Consider this:

  • Our skyline grows ever higher with 40+ story towers, while good developments stagnate in the approvals process for years
  • Our vacancy rate is below 2%, meaning it’s nearly impossible to find an apartment, much less one that is affordable
  • The wait list for affordable housing is close to 100,000 people – which means people are waiting years for affordable shelter, and many may never get a spot. And what happens when people are paying rent that is too high for their income? They go without food.


We need a wide range of solutions so that people of all income levels can find housing that keeps us warm, dry and comfortable with dignity. We need only to invest, to innovate, and to care.


Let’s build a city with housing for all.