Progressive Candidate Announces Plan to Enter Mayoral Race


TORONTO/February 9, 2018 – Community advocate Sarah Climenhaga will be formally entering the Toronto Mayoral race on May 1, 2018, as a progressive challenger to incumbent John Tory.


Climenhaga has been a community advocate focused on improving transit and road safety for many years, having worked as the Executive Director at the Black Creek Transportation Management Association (now called Smart Commute), a seasonal outreach coordinator at Cycle Toronto, and as an active resident in Ward 21.


Climenhaga’s advocacy on social media on issues such as the budget, transit and safe streets has attracted attention from community leaders like city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Gil Penalosa of 880 Cities.


Recently Climenhaga’s work has focused on the city’s 2018 budget, accessibility (Sidewalks for All), transit and transportation planning (Transform Yonge). She also recently attracted media attention when she interviewed and filmed residents across the city and brought their voices to City Hall to the January budget hearings.


“This budget was flawed both in process and outcome” said Climenhaga, who has been advocating for a more liveable city in her St. Paul’s community and at City Hall for many years.


Climenhaga will be at City Hall on February 12 and 13 for the Toronto City Council meetings on the 2018 Budget. At 9:00 she will be attend the City Budget Action event with other individuals and groups who believe Toronto can do better.


“I and countless other residents were forced to use time and energy to advocate for good city programs which were approved by council but strangely left out of the initial budget. Only after tremendous public pressure by an active and engaged community were these programs ultimately included,” notes Climenhaga.



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