What kind of city do you want to live in?


I want a city where each of us has the freedom to move safely, affordably and comfortably within and around our city.


Consider this:

  • More people spend an hour or more of their day commuting than in any other major city in Canada.
  • Public transit fares have risen faster than inflation, while riders suffer from overcrowding and delays.
  • Toronto is averaging one death on our streets due to traffic fatalities every week.


The fact is, we can no longer move our population, nor build our communities, by giving the majority of space on our public streets to the private automobile. Along with cars, we must have space for transit, for local businesses, and for people to walk, cycle and wheel around in mobility assisting devices.


The good news is, by giving more space to more people, we will make transit faster and more reliable, walking and cycling safer, our communities quieter, cleaner and more connected. We will enjoy tremendous benefits to our economy, to our health and to our environment, all while saving the lives of the seniors and children who are the most vulnerable road users of all.


We are born to move, not to be stuck in traffic or waiting in the rain and cold at a bus stop. And we’re meant to connect with our communities for our entire lives, not be isolated and alone.


A great people-based urban transportation will get us moving, and bring us together! Let’s go!