I love Toronto. And I have a vision.

My vision is of a liveable city that offers freedom, health and happiness to all residents. A liveable city has great public places and spaces, gives every resident the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of city life, allows people of all levels of mobility the ability to travel smoothly, safely and efficiently within and throughout the city, and provides a place for all to come home to at the end of the day. I believe our city should have

  • walkable, bikeable and accessible neighbourhoods in the entire city, from Etobicoke to Scarborough, and North York to Lake Ontario
  • housing options throughout the city for all residents, with thriving small businesses, artistic venues, and community services to support them
  • healthy and connected parks and ravines, and a vibrant, accessible waterfront
  • frequent, rapid public transportation that is comfortable and welcoming for all riders
  • stable diverse sources of revenue to support the investment needed to ensure quality of life for residents of all income levels

Toronto is fortunate to have an incredibly diverse, multilingual population and our people have so much to offer. Together, we can build a liveable city for all.