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Is Stress in Your Way?

If your life is anything like mine, it’s filled with challenges. Some obstacles  we tackle with enthusiasm. But some situations keep us up at night – the latest fight with our partner, the mental health of our child, or a frustrating conflict at work. 

Thousands of experts will offer you tips on improving your marriage, parenting or career, but even the best advice does no good when our stress levels are too high. 

What if you could get unstuck from difficult problems by simply having a different kind of conversation?

The Work Can Relieve It

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A revolutionary questioning technique called The Work helps clear away the feelings that are eating you up inside. In our conversation, on Zoom or in person, you’ll share with me the particular situation or relationship that’s causing you stress. I’ll guide you through the four questions of The Work to bring you out on the other side with both lightness and clarity on how to move forward.

A Tried and True Technique

Millions of people have been introduced to The Work, through everything from individual sessions with facilitators across the planet, to nine day long workshops at the School for The Work in California, to massively attended speaking events with Byron Katie, the woman who introduced the Work to the world. In trying this technique you’ll be joining a huge community of people experiencing the amazing effects of questioning their stressful thoughts. Descriptions of the technique, like “mind-blowing” and “life-changing” are regularly used by people discovering The Work for the first time. 

I'll Guide You Through

Sometimes we don’t  know where the stress is coming from. We only know it’s there, because we feel our stomachs churning. We ruminate for days after an argument, a rejection or a disappointment. We toss and turn at night trying to solve a problem, only to see dead ends everywhere. Minor irritations – like a missed bus, a slow check-out line, or getting cut off in traffic – send us into rage or despair.

During the first few minutes of our session, you’ll describe your situation to me. Together we will find one statement that best describes what’s bothering you. Then, I will lead you through four questions to allow your experience to be first validated, and then questioned, enabling a perspective shift that lets you see possibilities you couldn’t find before and experience a lightening in your body where only heaviness had been.

Twenty Years of Experience

Since discovering The Work for myself in 2000, I’ve practiced on my own, with friends and family, and with clients across Canada and the United States. I’ve completed multi day workshops and intensive series of individual sessions with professional facilitators of The Work and learned both how profound this technique and its incredible versatility in dealing with everything from major life crises to daily annoyances. The Work is an ongoing part of my life and I look forward to sharing it with you.

“Sarah gave me support in working through a stressful issue from the past. Her simple but clear questioning guided me to a level of relief and clarity I had no idea was possible.”   – Lorraine S, Montreal

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