Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Why Work With Me

Working with me allows you to turn problems into possibilities. It allows you to dissolve the stress that you carry around in your mind and your body. And it can help you to improve life not only for yourself but for all those around you.

What I do with you is not therapy. I don’t give advice or recommend solutions for you, because I believe you are the greatest expert on your own life. What I provide is the listening ear and gentle questioning that allows you to find the insights you have within you. I help you find the way forward that you haven’t been able to see because of the stressful cloud you’ve been under. 

If you are considering working with me, I can promise you one thing. After your first session, you will know whether our work together is right for you. There is no need for multiple sessions to uncover the past, or dig through every aspect of your life. You won’t need to wait for weeks or months to see if our time together is helping improve your life. While certainly your experience with working through feelings of stress from your life will progress the longer we work together, you will know right away whether this practice can enhance your life. 

I want you to work with me because I sincerely believe you will feel better about yourself and your life as a result of our sessions. And when you feel better you will be able to both contribute and enjoy so much more in your relationships, your career, and your community.

Doing The Work has given me the kind of freedom and lightness I thought was impossible. I have seen how it’s helped my clients and I genuinely believe the world could be a better place if more people were able to feel the love, compassion and light that The Work unlocks. I want to help create that world.

“I was captivated by the unique questioning process of The Work when I first learned about it years ago. Participating in one of Sarah’s workshops deepened my appreciation for this technique and I left feeling lighter and grateful for her support. Sarah’s gentle and insightful guidance through the process effectively helped me unlock a painful thought pattern I had been stuck in with respect to a past friendship” – Jacqueline P, Toronto